Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The Bright Wire Executive Coaching process

Our executive coaching development plans are built to a minimum six-month timeline except in rare circumstances (or) with rare exceptions. On top of the regular one-on-one coaching sessions, all of our programs involve a kick-off meeting, a mid-point progress check, and a close-out meeting involving the coach, the coachee, and their leader.

When we partner with an organization, we ensure strong executive sponsorship. We always ensure that the leader is well equipped to support their employees’ development once our coach program is complete.

Customized coaching plans for every single client

Leadership coaching is one of the most individually tailored coaching practices. Our executive coaching plans are tailored to your specific objectives and grounded in measurable outcomes.

A Certified Coach will work directly with the executive to focus on their individual strengths and opportunities for professional growth. The coach will identify the specific steps and help with the implementation of strategic planning required to take the executive to the next level.

Proprietary assessment tools and reporting

With our decades of experience, we have learned that standardized tools often produce substandard results. This is why our unique approach and engagement tools allow us to measure and report on progress while still ensuring alignment between our coaching methodology and your desired outcome for your business leaders and goals.

We have curated a best-in-class online assessment centre where we run customized 360 Feedback Assessments to our clients’ competency models (when available) to supplement our coaching programs. Our 360s are simple to interpret, easy to respond to, and provide very meaningful qualitative and quantitative feedback that will help facilitate a better understanding.

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top

We are your sophisticated-sounding board. Our professional coaches possess the intelligence, education, broad industry knowledge, and coaching experience to help you co-create possibilities and see challenges and opportunities from new perspectives. Our coaches have years of experience and understand the dedication it takes to have a lasting impact on our clients.

We help you welcome efficient evolution

In top-performing organizations and business leadership, change is the only constant. We help you navigate continuous change while engaging in leadership development, learning new skills, and evolving your leadership skills and style.

Executive Coaching Benefits

  • Improves self-awareness by helping executives identify their strengths, opportunities for growth and capitalize on unlimited potential
  • Helps executives leverage existing strengths to invoke positive change in an organization
  • Enables executives achieve clarity regarding their goals and the necessary steps to accomplish them
  • Allows executives to improve their social skills and assessments of others
  • Enhances an executive’s leadership presence
  • Results in increased levels of team motivation (due to increased success and accomplishment of goals)

The Case for Coaching

Organizations report a 570% return on their coaching investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bright Wire offer virtual Executive Coaching programs?

Yes, we currently offer the option for virtual delivery of all of our services, including our Executive Coaching plans. Contact us for more information on the virtual delivery of your Executive Coaching plan.

How long are Bright Wire Executive Coaching plans? 

Our Executive Coaching plans typically run for a minimum duration of 6 months. Each Executive Coaching plan is tailored to the specific needs of the client, so the duration will vary depending on the executive. In appropriate circumstances, we can accommodate shorter timelines when necessary.

Are Bright Wire coaches professionally certified? 

All Bright Wire coaches hold Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and International Coach Federation (ICF) certifications; the highest level of accreditation in Canada.

How do I register for a Bright Wire Executive Coaching plan? 

Contact us to find out how you can get started with an Executive Coaching plan. We would love to share more details on how our programs can help you reach the next level in your career.