4 Reasons Your People Development Strategy Should Include Micro-Learning

The rapid changes of the past two years, influenced both by the pandemic and other factors, have amplified the need for timely, targeted learning and development beyond traditional methods. Here are four reasons to consider a micro-learning approach for corporate training.

Reason One – Continuity in Development Despite Busy Schedules

Micro-learning sessions, such as the Power Hour concept, enable immediate skill development without disrupting busy schedules. This approach demonstrates your commitment to providing learning opportunities and respecting the demands of your team’s work life.

Neglecting learning opportunities due to scheduling challenges can stifle innovation and reduce employee engagement. Short micro-learning sessions keep learners connected and engaged, countering feelings of isolation and disengagement.

Reason Two – Consistent Development Across the Organization

Microlearning courses or sessions, unlike longer full or half-day sessions, can scale more easily within an organization. You can offer these sessions multiple times throughout the month, week, or day, enhancing enrollment, learning continuity, and skill building across the company.

These sessions create a shared language and experience, helping your team stay connected and integrate corporate values, skills, and operational approaches effectively.

Reason Three – Tailored Micro-Learning Experiences

Today’s micro-learning is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Ensure the microlearning modules or bite-sized courses are tailored to current needs. Include relevant examples, learning activities, and interactive content delivered in real-time by relatable instructors to maximize engagement and impact.

Offering diverse micro-learning sessions allows for a variety of delivery methods. Incorporate highly visual content like short videos, lecture-style presentations, and interactive participation. For those who prefer self-paced learning, provide optional additional reading and resources to accommodate different learning preferences and ensure an effective learning experience for all.

Reason Four – Reducing Screen Time Fatigue

With increased remote work, people spend much of their day on laptops and in virtual meetings, which makes long training sessions challenging. Micro-learning sessions are short enough to keep learners engaged and focused, reducing the likelihood of distraction.

Regularly scheduled micro-learning sessions can be easily integrated into daily workflows without rearranging large blocks of time. For longer developmental needs, intersperse microlearning modules to allow for breaks and time for reflection, helping maintain focus and continuity in corporate learning.

Embrace Micro-Learning Strategies Today

Delivering training at the right pace and in an engaging, inclusive manner relevant to the work environment benefits everyone. Start developing your organization’s microlearning strategy now to make it a routine and anticipated part of your team’s schedule.

At Bright Wire Leadership, we specialize in developing leaders through microlearning. For Calgary Chamber of Commerce members, we offer exclusive options and pricing to empower your organization’s microlearning leadership strategy. Our offerings include:

  • The Power and Nuance of Candor for Leaders | 90 minutes | Team session
  • Power Hours | 60 minutes | 15-80 leaders
  • Custom Leadership Development Offerings | Tailored to organizational needs

Take full advantage of microlearning benefits for your organization. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

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