LEAD Programs

Organization-Wide Leadership Development

Developing Great Leaders Across All Levels of an Organization

Investing in leadership development not only helps to ensure that your organization is well-equipped to adapt to changing market conditions and industry trends, but also helps to foster employee engagement and retention by providing opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, developing leaders at all levels can help to identify and nurture future leaders within the organization, ensuring a strong pipeline of talent to fill key leadership roles in the future.

Our leadership development programs and approach to professional facilitation are multipurpose, relevant, and beneficial to developing a cohesive leadership framework across all levels of an organization.

At Bright Wire, we offer a macro-level perspective on the impact of leadership development. We design formal training so that the front-line leadership development programs provide the building blocks for mid and, subsequently, senior-level leaders. This approach to learning at each leadership level builds capability across an organization in an aggregate way, offering a greater total impact regardless of leadership strata.

Our leadership development programs can run in parallel with our executive coaching programs or as separate offerings for teams or by leadership level.

Our Program Design Approach

Our LEAD Programs (Leadership Experience and Development) run subsequently for Front Line, Mid Level, and Senior Level Leaders and have an experiential learning focus with on-the-job application of skills learned over 4, 6, and 8 months respectively.

Front Line and
Emerging Leaders

Enhance fundamental skills like delegation, accountability, driving results, directing work, navigating conflict, collaboration, building teams, optimizing work processes, and improving communication.


Use coaching to strengthen their understanding of business, manage complexity, develop talent, build high-performance teams, practice EQ, develop influence and demonstrate interpersonal and organizational abilities.


Focus on balancing key stakeholders, becoming more strategic and agile, managing complexity, advanced coaching capabilities, adopting a global perspective, developing executive presence and communication skills, leading with vision and purpose, and driving results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer specialized leadership development training specifically tailored to your organization’s needs, in the form of programs that generally run 3-12 months in duration, with a few targeted offerings at shorter durations (1-5 days).
  • An engaging cross-functional cohort-based experience that leverages technology where possible.
  • Content and on-the-job learning experiences that will align with and further develop the culture, values, and principles of the organization.
  • A blended learning experience between theory, application, and real-time scenario-based learning.
  • Foster diversity of thought and appeal to different learning styles using a variety of learning methods.
  • Each workshop and webinar builds upon the previous and prepares participants for the next level (i.e., a holistic programmatic experience conducive to succession planning).
  • Executives and senior leaders are engaged (where applicable) to foster a strong leader-led approach to development and to demonstrate their sponsorship.
  • Build internal capability for future internal program management, as applicable/desired.
  • A completely scalable approach that can be implemented across the enterprise, and provides building blocks to more advanced and targeted high potential leadership development programs over time.

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At Bright Wire, we currently offer the option for virtual delivery of all of our coaching and training services, including our LEAD programs. Contact us for more information on the virtual delivery of your program.

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