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Expertise amplified to a wider audience

It’s one thing to inspire your audience, it’s another to provide them with real tools to take home. Rare is the public speaker who pulls off both. It’s why Christine is asked back for public speaking engagements year after year. Christine is an excellent communicator, her expressive body language and eye contact allow her audience members to break personal barriers. Like the best professor at business school, she’s a compelling orator who offers her audience wit, wisdom and insight alongside real-world skills. Christine ensures that her audience’s needs are met through her exceptional presentation skills. Her unique style encourages her attendees to build confidence and develop strong leadership skills as well. Christine is also the author of The Intentional MBA, a practical guide to maximizing the investment and the ROI of the MBA program.

Relevant Themes

Leadership Resilience
Navigating change and the unknown in today’s business world.

The New High Potential Leader
Own your development for an intentional career path.

Advanced Coaching Capability
Leadership strategies for business success.

Professional Branding
Building instant credibility for lasting impressions.

Diversity and Inclusion
Leading diverse perspectives for innovation and success

Wellness Integrity
Strategies for optimal performance

Leading Change
Creating responsive and agile leadership cultures

The Future of Leadership
Strategies to engage, inspire and drive for results

Custom Themes

If your organization is interested in focusing on a certain aspect of leadership, our team of leadership experts and professional coaches will create a customized presentation. Contact us with your mission statement and your overall leadership goals and we’ll create the best presentation for you.

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Opening Keynote, “Owning Your Development Today, for a Successful Tomorrow” It’s Trending Speaker Series. ENMAX Centre and City of Lethbridge, April 2023.
  • Opening Keynote, “Owning Your Development Today, for a Successful Tomorrow”, Next-Level Conference, Association of Administrative Professionals, April 2023.
  • Opening Lead Kick-Off Speaker, “Owning Your Development Today, for a Brighter Tomorrow”, Evolve Conference, CPHR Alberta, September 2023.


  • Opening Keynote, “The Future is Now, Strategies for Leadership Success in the Modern World”, WEDO Summit (Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization), November 2022.
  • Micro Strategies for Macro Impact: Increasing your Resilience Capacity, Alberta Health Services,  Department of Pediatrics Calgary Zone
  • Self-Leadership Strategies for Enhanced Work-Life Integration, MNP
  • Wisdom Mentorship Panelist – Women’s Executive Network
  • WXN Book Club Speaker, Author Series
  • Alumni Grow Your Career Conference, The U of C
  • Personal and Professional Development, Repsol Energy
  • Knowing What You Don’t Know: Developing and Trusting Your Own Expert Network, The U of C, Faculty of Law
  • Owning Your Development Today, For Tomorrow Women at Enbridge, Enbridge Pipelines (multiple locations)
  • Leadership Development Program for Executive MBAs at the Haskayne School of Business
  • Enrichment Exploration: Building a Powerful Leadership Brand, The U of C
  • Alumni Grow Your Career Conference, The U of C
  • Acumen Series, Young Women in Energy
  • Alumni Grow Your Career Conference, The U of C
  • Acumen Series, YWE