Management Consulting

Bright Wire is a leading management consulting company located in the City of Calgary. Our management consulting services help leaders across Alberta, Canada and North America improve the overall performance and operations of their respective organizations. Our expert consultants have years of experience coaching, mentoring and collaborating with leadership within Canadian and International organizations to enable them to reach their full potential.

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The Bright Wire Business Management Consulting Process

Our management consulting firm pairs each client with a senior consultant who assesses the unique business challenges of the client’s organization and creates recommendations based on each client’s unique needs. In the beginning, this involves meeting with team members to gain insight and establish desired outcomes. Our consulting services are expertly tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and to help them achieve their vision and goals.

Collaborate with an expert consultant 

Our management consultants are trusted partners who challenge executives in ways that internal colleagues can’t and won’t. Our consultants build strong client relationships and take the time to understand the specific priorities and goals of each client and their employees. Each expert strategy consultant uses their areas of expertise to support leadership engagement to help build more successful companies.

Lead Organizational Change 

At Bright Wire, our practice of evolving leadership behavior and culture during times of organizational transformation is steeped in Organizational Change Management (OCM) best practice. We know that organizations don’t change – people do. As professionally trained Change Management practitioners we work with you successfully navigate preparing for change, managing the change and sustaining outcomes for long term success. We work in partnership with you to augment capability where it doesn’t exist and provide neutral external perspectives and expertise. We deploy a strategic and intentional approach that moves people through awareness to ability in an efficient way that accelerates the achievement of desired results. The team at Bright Wire have partnered with leading organizations of all sizes in successfully supporting their leadership and culture transformations, be it during important times of integration post mergers or acquisitions, expedited growth, change in ownership etc.

Objectively challenge your perspective

Senior and executive leaders often benefit from an objective but informed third-party to unpack difficult, complex, and integrated issues within their organization. When everyone’s looking to you for the answers it can be difficult to find constructive ways to challenge your own thinking. The objectivity and acumen of our coaches and leadership development experts give you access to a fresh viewpoint unfettered by the complexities of the workplace.

Get big picture solutions 

Each client’s business environment, job, background, professional situation, and lifestyle are considered when we’re assessing the best way to help them unlock their potential. Our consultants are professionals in tailoring our business consulting services by assessing the big picture of each individual client and their business needs.

Get informed advice 

We make it our job to understand the nuances of your business and your industry so the time you spend with us is time spent ideating, co-creating new strategies, and developing a plan to move your organization forward. With our functional expertise, we ensure your complex business problems are effectively addressed.

See tangible results 

Our consulting firm is focused on leadership development and growing organizational capability to ensure that our consulting services are driving measurable growth for each organization that we partner with. Our consulting services focus on adding real value through the implementation of real solutions so our clients can see immediate results.

Bright Wire Consulting Results

Improved Team Functioning.

Improved Communication Skills.

Improved Work Performance.

Benefits of Management Consulting

Reduces the amount of time spent on decision making for complex problems

Helps leaders and executives see their problems from an unbiased perspective

Helps organizations achieve optimal performance without hampering routine operations

Is Management Consulting right for you?

Any leaders or executives dealing with organizational issues or changes can benefit from management consulting. We support leaders from a wide range of industries with our management consulting services, including oil and gas, hospitality, non-profit, and many more. Our expert coaches are the best in Canada and can also help you whether your organization is located in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, or another location across North America. We have experience helping leaders with change management, program management, or other organizational changes that could benefit from external support.

Business leaders partner with our executive coaches to develop a common vocabulary and a shared understanding of leadership competencies and behaviours, and then implement programs and initiatives accordingly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bright Wire offer virtual Coaching programs?

Yes, we currently offer the option for virtual delivery of all of our services, including our consulting services. Contact us for more information on the virtual delivery of your Executive Coaching plan.

Are Bright Wire Coaches certified? 

All of our coaches hold advanced degrees and the highest levels of coaching accreditation and certifications in North America.

What size businesses are a good fit for management consulting services? 

Our coaches are skilled in providing solutions to complex problems whether they are working with senior management of a large transnational business or a  small business owner of a local small business.

How do I get started with Bright Wire management consulting services?

Contact us to find out how to get started with one of our expert management consultants.