Leadership Development Programs and Strategy

Program Creation + Activation

Wanting great leaders in your organization isn’t enough – you’ve got to plan for them. Contact us to get started with a customized leadership development program for your organization. We’ve helped develop leaders in diverse industries throughout Alberta, across Canada, and all over North America. 

The Bright Wire Leadership Development Process

We take a comprehensive approach to leadership development programming and leadership development strategic planning. We work with your business to help you implement and support a program that will attract, retain and grow top talent for your organization and affect positive change. 

Our master facilitators help craft the solution. Your executive sponsor ensures it’s the right one.

From the implementation of training and development programs to talent management planning, leadership event coordination, consulting and facilitation, our specialized senior consultants understand what it takes for organizations to grow and attract strong, bold leaders. In tandem with an executive sponsor, we help revamp existing programming, supplementing weak areas and solidifying the strong ones.

72% of CEOs say Leadership skills are essential to their organization's future.

Source: PwC’s 20th CEO Survey

Coaching Capability Program (CCP)

Build the kind of magnetic leader who creates other great leaders

We help you build coaching capacity within your organization. This results-oriented, ground-breaking program focuses on giving leaders a master class on effectively coaching and developing people for results.

Advanced education from advanced practitioners

In addition to workshops, this flagship program involves practice assignments, an online cohort collaboration learning forum, peer coaching learning triads and observed coaching sessions with robust feedback from members of your organization. Graduates are recognized with a Bright Wire Capability Program certificate of completion and become internal Leadership Coaches.

Become a catalyst for potential

This program gives leaders the tools to get the most out of the professionals around them, inspiring them to expand their own unlimited potential. In the end, this program provides exceptional results and equips leaders with the new skills they need.

Fact: Our clients experience between 95-100% retention of top leaders who graduate from the Coaching Capability Program when measured two years post-graduation.

Leadership Development Benefits

  • High performing or high-potential team members gain the leadership skills  and competency they need to become effective business leaders
  • Builds a great leadership team with effective communication skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, and accountability
  • Boosts employee engagement and reduces turnover rates
  • Helps to avoid leadership gaps in an organization and aids succession planning 
  • Saves businesses the higher cost of making an external hire and improves overall organizational effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between leadership training programs and leadership development?

At Bright Wire, we believe that leaders aren’t trained; they’re developed. Leadership training typically focuses on maintaining the status quo and learning basic skills and knowledge. On the other hand, our business leadership development programs are growth-focused to enable leaders to gain advanced competence, achieve their professional goals, exhibit superior performance, and reach their full potential.

How do I register for a Bright Wire Leadership Development program?

Contact us to find out how you can get started with a leadership development program. We would love to follow up on how our programs can support your business development by attracting top business leaders and providing senior leadership with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Does Bright Wire offer additional services to support business leaders?

At Bright Wire, we offer a range of services to support business leaders. Our executive coaching plans focus on a leader’s individual opportunities for growth, our team coaching programs help high-performance, effective teams evolve concurrently, and our management consultants help leaders unpack challenging organizational issues.

Does Bright Wire offer virtual Leadership Development programs?

At Bright Wire, we currently offer the option for virtual delivery of all of our services, including our leadership development programs. Contact us for more information on the virtual delivery of your leadership development program.