Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Our high-performance team coaching (HPTC) programs allow a leadership stratum to evolve concurrently through a combination of team and individual coaching sessions.

Contact us to get started with a customized high-performance team coaching program for your team.

The Bright Wire Team Coaching Process

Programs begin with a team session (including the team leader, if applicable) to establish the desired outcomes of the following coaching sessions. The team will also reconvene for a midpoint session and a wrap-up session to reinforce the evolved team dynamics and ensure greater accountability.

Take the Fast Track to synergy

Our team coaching programs are specifically designed to take teams of high-performance and high-potential individuals and establish team dynamics, norms, and commitments required for a high-performance team.

Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

Our team coaching model is focused on promoting team morale, motivation, and cohesion. Investing in high-performance coaching also promotes a coaching culture of ongoing learning and development.

Increase Your Return on Investment (ROI)

We care about ensuring that our coaching practice helps you achieve your desired business results. Our coaching model drives consistent results by focusing on the sustained growth of a team.

Customize your Team Coaching Program

At Bright Wire, our high-performance team coaching programs are customized for every client. Each team is assigned a coach who will carefully tailor your team coaching program to the specific needs of your team. Our coaches can assist you whether you want to improve the team effectiveness of an established team or accelerate the team development of a new team.

High-Performance Team Coaching Benefits

  • Accelerates the development of new effective teams
  • Aligns team members on a common purpose and goal
  • Bolsters collaboration and improves decision making through a deepened understanding of individual skills
  • Encourages team members to consistently engage in team-building activities
  • Fosters a culture of continuous learning and development
  • Improves morale, motivation, and cohesion
  • Increases accountability and implementation of training knowledge
  • Increases team productivity, revenue, and profits
  • Strengthens relationships between team members

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bright Wire offer Team Coaching programs virtually?

At this time, all of our Bright Wire coaching services are available for virtual delivery, including our Team Coaching programs. Contact us to find out how a virtual Team Coaching program would work for your team.

Are Bright Wire Coaches professionally certified? 

All of our coaches have undergone extensive coach training to earn the highest level of accreditation in the industry. In addition to holding advanced degrees, every member of our team is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified.

How long are Bright Wire High-Performance Team Coaching programs? 

Our programs are typically 6-12 months in duration. We will assess the needs of your specific team to determine the program length that is right for you.

How do I register my team for a Bright Wire Team Coaching program?

Contact us to find out how to get started with a High-Performance Team Coaching program. We would love to share our thoughts on how our programs can help your team to reach their full potential.