Executive Team Primers

Accelerated Summaries of High-Level Program Content

Helping Busy Executives Model Effective Leadership Skills and Behaviors

We recognize that many executive teams are not in the position to attend a full leadership development workshop or program.

Our Executive Primers give insight into what leaders are learning in our full leadership development programs and can be adapted into efficient overview workshops for leaders of all levels. This ensures leaders can acquire new skills while maintaining their business priorities.

Executive Primer Elements

Our executive primers cover a variety of topics, including

Balancing key stakeholders

Becoming more strategic and agile

Managing complexity

Advanced coaching capabilities

Adopting a global perspective

Developing executive presence and communication skills

Leading with vision and purpose

Driving results

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to be registered in another program to receive a primer. However, most of our clients who receive our primers work with us in other aspects, such as executive coaching or leadership development programs, in order to maximize the impact of our partnership.

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