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At Bright Wire, we are constantly challenging what’s possible. We are inspired by the energy and resiliency of the leaders and teams we partner with.

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to creating the future together through intentional leadership in our series of thought leadership articles below.

The Power of Presence as a Leader

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the power of a leader’s presence is more crucial than ever. As a fundamental skill, presence enables leaders to build trust, spark innovation, and skillfully navigate...

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The Cornerstone of Trust: Candor as A Crucial Component of Effective Leadership

Within the dynamic modern business landscape, leaders are tasked with setting the tone for organizational culture as much as they are with guiding their teams through myriad challenges and critical decisions.

The Art of the Comeback: Building Resilience in the Face of Setbacks

Setbacks are as instrumental as they are inevitable. What they are not is a simple indication or result of failure. They provide valuable insights into areas that require attention and improvement, ...

2023 – 2024 Annual Leadership Reflection Guide

Envisioning a Bright Future with Purpose As one year comes to an end and another begins, Bright Wire continues its tradition of empowering and inspiring leaders through our annual Leadership Reflection ...

Mastering Leadership Skills for the Modern World

An organization’s success has always hinged in large part on the effectiveness of its leaders across all levels. While the presence and cultivation of strong, capable leaders has always been important, ...

The Return of Corporate Retreats

This article can also be found on the Business in Calgary Website found here.  Author: Business In Calgary Many organizations doubling down on opportunities to bring employees together. Corporate retreats are ...

2022 – 2023 Annual Reflection Guide

Reimagining the Future with Intention. At Bright Wire, each year our exceptional team of Leadership Development Experts and Executive Coaches collaborate to curate an Annual Leadership Reflection Guide for our partners, ...
A team putting their hands together

How to Coach Your Team: 9 Ways to Inspire Greatness

How do you coach your team? Great coaching can improve productivity and morale throughout your team and your entire organization.
A team working together in a meeting room

8 Key Ways to Drive Performance Within a Team & Achieve Team Success

Use these 8 techniques to drive performance within your team to achieve team success. Start working together rather than alone!

How To Be A More Intentional Leader

Lead. It’s a verb. Not unlike a high-performing athlete that mitigates injury and reaches performance goals by being intentional in every move they make, if we lead our teams with intentionality ...

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