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At Bright Wire, we are constantly challenging what’s possible. We are inspired by the energy and resiliency of the leaders and teams we partner with.

Learn more about our approach and our commitment

to creating the future together through intentional leadership in our series of thought leadership articles below.

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A team putting their hands together

How to Coach Your Team: 9 Ways to Inspire Greatness

How do you coach your team? Great coaching can improve productivity and morale throughout your team and your entire organization.
A team working together in a meeting room

8 Key Ways to Drive Performance Within a Team & Achieve Team Success

Use these 8 techniques to drive performance within your team to achieve team success. Start working together rather than alone!
A woman sitting at a desk talking to in front of a computer screen.

Develop Your People for Success Now – Why Micro-learning Opportunities are the Way of the Future

The recent pace of change has increased the need for targeted, just-in-time learning. Here are four reasons to invest in a micro-learning approach.

How To Be A More Intentional Leader

Lead. It’s a verb. Not unlike a high-performing athlete that mitigates injury and reaches performance goals by being intentional in every move they make, if we lead our teams with intentionality

Six ways to accelerate your team through the forming (and re-forming) phases

The four waves of the pandemic and the resulting changes to the workplace, have put psychologist Bruce Tuckman’s first two phases of team development through what feels like a revolving door.

Maintaining Focus

Keep it simple wherever you can. How many times have you been in a meeting and wondered, "What the heck am I doing here? Why are these other people in this

Future Ready

In a city as dynamic as Calgary, our most valuable resource has never been oil. It has always been the talent and work ethic of leaders and teams across our city

Leading Beyond Resilience

Be resilient. That has been the message since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapt, pivot, sustain; these have become rallying cries for business leaders over the past nine months.

Millennials and Gen Y want to create an impact. Here’s how to give them the opportunity to do so before someone else does.

Whether you are at the top of your leadership level, top of your game, or the top of your salary ban, reaching the proverbial “top” can come with the need to

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