Bright Wire Strategic Activation Workshops

Bright Wire’s strategy planning workshops are based on the SOAR framework. SOAR (which analyzes, Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results). This results driven approach allows leaders to address not only the ‘what’ of strategy but also have a leader-led implementation framework for the ‘how’.

Assessment of Current State 

Review of pre-work reflection questions. Where has the current strategy been successful? 

Leadership Team Calibration

Leadership capabilities required to action the strategy are built in parallel. High Performance team factors and behaviours are reinforced to build momentum for the vision and purpose of the organization.

Establishing a Desired State | Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Creating an aligned understanding of the organizational purpose to ensure strategic direction remains aligned with organizational values and measures for success.   

Establishing a Desired State | Culture Ambition

What does the organization want to be known for internally and externally? What needs to happen strategically to build or maintain that culture?  

SOAR Analysis

Assessing the strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results that exist within the business and measure them against changing market trends, competitors and constraints. 

Defining Core Strategic Pillars

These pillars or foundations identify key segments of the business and/or market critical to the organization’s success. Strategic priorities, areas of opportunity and risk assessments within each pillar are established for development using the SOAR analysis.

Defining Success | Measurable Goals and Outcomes

Outline of an implementation strategy and workforce engagement with measurable goals, objectives and metrics.

Workshop Experience

Workshop elements may include:

  • Facilitated discussion
  • Small breakout groups
  • Strategic thinking exercises
  • Leadership team building to enable strategy
  • Team or leadership assessments as discussed in the customization process
  • Participants leave feel energized, with a clear understanding of the strategy and vision for the organization

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