Coaching Capability Program (CCP)

Coaching Skills that enable Performance and Potential

Building Stronger Organizations By Elevating the Coaching Capability of Leaders

Internal coaching capability within leaders has a transformative impact on the culture of the organization. Through enhanced coaching skills, leaders can better develop their teams and navigate dynamic environments, resulting in improved culture and business outcomes.

Our coaching capability program, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation, is designed to give senior leaders a masterclass in how to coach and develop their people effectively through a combination of learning, skills practice and on the job application that’s delivered using a program

The CCP is for an organization’s high-potential / top performing leaders and can be readily integrated into leadership development programs that may already exist.

Program Elements

4-5 month duration

Two 2-day interactive virtual* or in-person workshops

Monthly learning triads – peer coaching meetings professionally facilitated by the program’s Master Facilitator and Certified Executive Coach

Observed peer coaching sessions and real-time written feedback

Access to an online, secure and confidential learning forum

Accountability mechanisms through documented coaching moments and completion requirements

A cohort-based learning approach, fostering cross-functional relationships

An Executive Sponsorship Model that engages the Executive Team and designated sponsors

*If offered virtually the agenda is designed to accommodate virtual delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in the CCP, please contact us to learn more about registration for the program.

At Bright Wire, we currently offer the option for in-person and/or virtual delivery of all of our coaching and training services, including our coaching capability program. Contact us to discuss the best option for your organization.

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