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At Bright Wire, we are constantly challenging what’s possible. We are inspired by the energy and resiliency of the leaders and teams we partner with.

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Keeping Motivation and Momentum At the Top

Whether you are at the top of your leadership level, top of your game, or the top of your salary ban, reaching the proverbial “top” can come with the need to refresh and refocus to continually achieve your personal commitment to excellence. In our most recent Forbes article we offer four simple and impactful strategies that’ll help you mitigate career stagnation and ensure continued satisfaction over the long-term


Resilience and Perspective

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back and maintain focus and energy during uncertain times. When entrepreneurs bounce back it’s usually to a strong place, armed with new insights and looking at new opportunities. Entrepreneurs are comfortable in ambiguity (even if they don’t like it) and their resilience and leadership endurance comes from a place of confidence. They have the ability to anchor to this confidence in adaptation, create comfort in ambiguity and accept that decisions will be made with imperfect information.


Top Entrepreneurial Skills and Capabilities

In honour of Calgary’s Small Business Week, we’ve reflected on the journey Bright Wire Leadership has taken as a growing Calgary-based company. We’ve assessed what entrepreneurial skills and capabilities have help us reach even higher and provided guidance on how leaders can leverage these practices.


The Stay Conversation: A Method For Keeping Your High-Performing Talent

The Stay Conversation: A method for keeping your high-performing talent today and for the long term.


Future Ready | The Importance of Building Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

In a city as dynamic as Calgary, our most valuable resource has never been oil. It has always been the talent and work ethic of leaders and teams across our city fueling the economic engine.


Three Strategies To Build Leadership Endurance

What is required of leaders today is called leadership endurance — the ability of a leader to remain steadfast through a period of sustained uncertainty. Here are three strategies to help build your leadership endurance.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In an effort to build equitable, diverse and inclusive organizations we recommend leaders begin by asking three strategic questions to uncover their strength in the practice of inclusive leadership.


How to Choose an Executive Coach or an Executive Coaching Firm

An increased interest in the coaching profession as resulted in many types of “coaches” flooding the market. Read our top criteria for assessing an executive coach or an executive coaching firm.


Reading Library

Anyone who functions at an elite level knows it takes a team. They know on the deepest level the adage, “None of us is smarter than all of us.” Learn more about how an effective leadership development strategy can help you and your team navigate a world filled with change.