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At Bright Wire, we are constantly challenging what’s possible. We are inspired by the energy and resiliency of the leaders and teams we partner with.

Learn more about our approach and our commitment

to creating the future together through intentional leadership in our series of thought leadership articles below.

The Return of Corporate Retreats

This article can also be found on the Business in Calgary Website found here.  Author: Business In Calgary Many organizations doubling down on opportunities to bring employees together. Corporate retreats are...

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Innovation Through Coaching

Leaders today are leading in the moment. This bold notion may resonate with you since it’s a common concern that many of the leaders we’re partnering with are facing. The challenges of a remote workforce, changing missions and pivoting operations mean that leaders only have the capacity to focus on the day-day demands of their role and the immediate needs of their team. As we emerge from the intense period brought on by the pandemic, and as uncomfortable as it may feel, it is now time for leaders to deliberately spend more time planning for the future to drive business strategy and show new results.


Building And Sustaining That Q1 Feeling Is All About Optimism

That intangible but palpable first quarter feeling — bringing a renewed sense of purpose, direction and focused energy — is even more pronounced this year. It is built from optimism.

Optimism is a state of mind, an emotion, a perspective — and it is also a choice. Leaders who choose optimism by asking what’s possible, build resiliency and sustain the momentum and vigor of the Q1 feeling long after March 31.


Looking Back to Move Forward

2021 Annual Reflection Guide At Bright Wire, we encourage leaders to practice reflective mobilization – the process of looking backward to create meaning and intention for the future. Building an informed …


Truth in the Data

2018/2019 Report on Leadership Development This report, comprised of aggregated client data from 150 top senior leaders and careful analysis from Bright Wire’s team of executive coaches and leadership development experts, …


Leading to Opportunity in Crisis

Advanced Leadership Guide | Crisis Leadership The COVID-19 global crisis exerted unprecedented pressures on leadership. This guide was curated to cut through the noise and intense amounts of information to help …


The Case for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching | Business Case Executive coaching is a key differentiator for leadership development. This business case combines key objectives, industry statistics and anecdotal support for coaching to provide leaders with …


Leadership Reflection Guide

It is without question that our actions and responses today will be felt for years to come. Leaders must answer the call to both effectively meet the current challenges framed by …


Keeping Motivation and Momentum At the Top

Whether you are at the top of your leadership level, top of your game, or the top of your salary ban, reaching the proverbial “top” can come with the need to refresh and refocus to continually achieve your personal commitment to excellence. In our most recent Forbes article we offer four simple and impactful strategies that’ll help you mitigate career stagnation and ensure continued satisfaction over the long-term


Resilience and Perspective

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back and maintain focus and energy during uncertain times. When entrepreneurs bounce back it’s usually to a strong place, armed with new insights and looking at new opportunities. Entrepreneurs are comfortable in ambiguity (even if they don’t like it) and their resilience and leadership endurance comes from a place of confidence. They have the ability to anchor to this confidence in adaptation, create comfort in ambiguity and accept that decisions will be made with imperfect information.