Executive Coaching Services for EMBA Students

A partnership with the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business

EMBA Executive Coaching

Bright Wire has been offering Executive Coaching Services as a trusted partner of the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business since 2012. Our team of experienced and tenured coaching professionals has 100 years of collective experience coaching mid-level leaders to C-Suite Executives and supporting organizations in their leadership development, talent management and organizational effectiveness strategies and practices.

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Executive Coaching Services for EMBA Students

Bright Wire’s simple and effective coaching process ensures our approach is customized to each client and focused on continually advancing student objectives. Over our years of coaching MBAs and EMBAs, both at Haskayne and in business in general, we have refined our approach to accelerate the value received from coaching for the greatest impact.

Three types of coaching are generally offered to our EMBA clients, and a hybrid approach is common.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on building the core skills for self leadership and leading others. 


Career coaching focuses on opportunities to maximize learning and development in a current position/level to develop action plans to get to the next level or position.

EMBA Specific Coaching

The EMBA coaching enables students to effectively integrate MBA workload and pace at work and at home for success in all areas.

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Address team development opportunities/issues
  • Create and apply a development action plan aligned to the client’s current or desired position to obtain greater overall results.
  • Gain awareness of transferable skills/behaviors
  • Understand opportunities for career advancement
  • Learn to advocate / leverage EMBA and develop action plans to get to the next level or position
  • Interview preparation and transferrable skill coaching for career development
  • Strategies for maximizing the overlap between EMBA program and work
  • Re-integrate into the workplace post MBA and apply program learnings
  • Leverage MBA for continued career advancement
  • Performance strategies for program, work and homes

Bright Wire EMBA Executive Coaching Team

Bright Wire’s EMBA Executive Coaching Team brings a nuanced understanding to the needs and objectives of EMBA students. In addition to coaching EMBA graduates, our coaches have worked with hundreds of leaders from frontline managers to C-suite executives through career advancements. Our team is active in industry networks and professional organizations in Calgary. 

Importantly, our team holds advanced degrees, including MBAs and EMBAs. This gives our team first-hand insight into the required skills to excel through the program and leverage the experience for accelerated career success.

Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Master Facilitator

Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Master Facilitator

Founder and CEO, Certified Executive Leadership Coach

A true leader in his field, Ed excels as a coach, master facilitator, and social innovator in enabling performance and potential.

A consummate professional, Linda coaches with leadership accountability in mind.

Robynn empowers human connection to achieve extraordinary results.

A forerunner in her industry, Christine helps businesses harness the power of great leadership.

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