Helping High-Achievers Rise Higher

The world needs better leaders – brave individuals who are willing to answer back to tomorrow’s hard questions and bear the responsibility of writing our shared future.

At Bright Wire, we work with bold leaders in dynamic businesses, supporting them on their journey to discover the power of their own potential. We help them drive results, implement programs that foster leadership and forge performance cultures. Like the people we work with, we do all of this with a relentless focus on getting better.

Our measure is your success

Our proprietary coaching, leadership development, and consulting programs have been designed and honed over the past two decades to drive tangible, measurable results for our clients and career-changing learning experience.


We help develop effective leaders with high performance coaching methods. We replace leadership development courses and management courses with a custom coaching plan that focuses on your professional goals and your team development needs. With our coaching and guidance, we can help your leaders reach their full potential.

Executive Coaching
Surpass what you believe you can do and unlock your unlimited potential.

Team Coaching
Reach higher together through team building.

Leadership Development

Supporting leaders to realize their own potential takes more than a standardized training course or workshop. Instead, we’ll custom-design a program for your organization that lays the foundation for the continuous nurturing of great leaders and high-performing teams.

Program Creation + Activation
Design and implement a program tailored to your organization.

Building Coaching Capability
Expand your capacity to include coaching.


Our executive and management consultant services help businesses achieve better strategies and decision making. We build trust and help advise leaders across a variety of organizations to help them get new perspectives on complex organizational issues.

Executive Advisory Services
Unpack complex organizational issues. With our advisory services, you can resolve issues while fostering healthy team dynamics.

Forging Performance Culture
Ensure the success of your culture initiatives.


Inspire your team and give them tangible tools to take home.

Speaking Engagement
Expertise amplified to a wider audience.

Custom Content
Customized presentations for the leadership of your organization.

Strategic Planning Workshops

Bright Wire’s strategy planning workshops are based on the SOAR framework. SOAR (which analyzes, Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results). This results driven approach allows leaders to address not only the ‘what’ of strategy but also have a leader-led implementation framework for the ‘how’.

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Why Bright Wire?

Find out what a partnership with Bright Wire could do for you or your company. Schedule an introductory meeting with us, today!

We care about your ROI as much as you do.

Like the top leadership teams and companies we partner with, we are relentlessly focused on driving business outcomes.

We are one of the only coaching firms in the world that works as a team.

It takes a strong team to forge a strong team; our certified coaches take a collaborative approach to all of our clients with strict adherence to confidentiality.

We have experience working alongside Business Leaders. Our clients lead Canada’s Fortune 100 Businesses.

Our clients represent the top tier of Canadian and North American businesses.

All of our coaches and leadership development experts have the highest levels of accreditation in our industry.

Our team offers unparalleled executive coaching services, combined with strategic planning, practical applications, leading programs, and decades of experience.

We maintain a 98% satisfaction rate across our service offering.

100% of our clients say they would refer us to valued peers.


We maintain a 98% satisfaction rate across our service offering.

100% of our clients say they would refer us to valued peers.

The Team

All of our coaches have the highest levels of accreditation in our industry. 

In addition to holding advanced degrees, every member of our coaching team is PCC and ICF certified.

Our Valued Partners

From Calgary, Alberta we are proud to have helped leading organizations across Canada and North America.