Letter from Christine Dagenais
(Founder and CEO, Certified Executive Leadership Coach)

Dear Creative Coaching Clients, 

It should come as no surprise to any of you the deep value our team places on continuously striving for better. Our work in the leadership development space has attracted some of the best and brightest coaches and leadership development experts in North America to our team, all of whom are deeply committed to the success of our exceptional clients and ambitious about our continued growth. As a result of this ambition and commitment to growth, the impact we have now extends beyond executive coaching. 

The business name, Creative Coaching, no longer reflects the scope of our work, our position in the leadership development marketplace and the long-term partnerships we have established with many of our clients.   

We are excited to announce that as of June 15, 2020, Creative Coaching has become Bright Wire Leadership Development. 

Bright Wire captures our drive for excellence through the connection we establish with our valued clients. Bright Wire also reflects our approach of continuous curiosity and the transformative impact that strategic leadership development strategies have on organizations. Our new name is energetic and strong. It represents the intellect and potential of our trusted partners, and that of our outstanding team. It’s interesting and it promises brightness, of which together we’ll continue to create for the future.