Veterans Transition Services

Enabling the successful and rewarding move from the Canadian Armed Forces into civilian life

Veterans Transition Services

You have worked tremendously hard for  our country; you’ve gained significant leadership experiences, and you have been tasked with substantial responsibilities in uniquely challenging and formative situations.  We are here to help you translate the unique potential of the full range of your experience in the Canadian Armed Forces to civilian work through a proven process and partnership with a certified Professional Transition Coach.

At Bright Wire Leadership our professional coaches are experts in transition. We support veterans through the various work and career transitions involved in moving from working in the Armed Forces to the corporate or entrepreneurial work world. We are passionate about enabling the possibilities of a veteran’s potential and we understand that the transition for veterans is not always easy.  

It is our ambition that all veterans are respected for the experience they have gained in the Canadian Armed Forces; for all they have done, and all they will do. We want all veterans to be afforded a clear and effective approach to navigating the transition to civilian life, for continued career success outside of the military.

Available Funding

As a veteran, there is funding available for a Transition Coaching Program with Bright Wire Leadership through the Professional Development – Short Courses provision of the Education and Training Benefit. Learn more and submit your application though Veteran Affairs Canada to begin creating your desired future, today.

Leadership Coaching for Veterans

The training and experience earned as a member of the Armed Forces offer an invaluable skillset to the civilian economy. Bright Wire’s specialized and tailored coaching programs are designed to enable veterans to apply the experience of their military careers for success throughout their civilian careers.

  • Are you looking for resources to help you translate your military experience to a civilian career?
  • Do you want to further build your leadership skills to advance your civilian career?

Beginning your Civilian Career

Focus Area | Career Transition 

Ideal for: Veterans newly released from the Canadian Armed Forces, completing a post-release education program and/or pursuing a civilian career change. 

Coaching objectives:

  • Transferable skills identification
  • Resume auditing and review
  • Job type match identification
  • Job search and employer strategy
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Networking strategies to build credibility
  • Establishing a professional brand
  • Entrepreneurial support

Early in your Civilian Career

Focus Area | Integration Support

Ideal for: Veterans employed in the civilian workforce for up to three years. 

Coaching objectives: 

  • Translating strengths from Canadian Armed Forces services to a civilian environment
  • Understanding attitudes, beliefs and skills that support civilian career success
  • Identifying areas for development for success in a civilian role
  • Understanding corporate politics and decision making

Established in your Civilian Career

Focus Area | Leadership for Career Acceleration

Ideal for: Veterans in the civilian workforce wanting to advance their careers, veterans in civilian leadership positions or targeting civilian leadership positions, veterans seeking continued civilian career growth and promotion. 

Coaching objectives:

  • Identifying strengths and opportunities for continued development
  • Development planning on key leadership competencies
  • Leveraging skills formed in the Canadian Armed Forces for maximum benefit in civilian life
  • Advanced skill development in areas such as communications, multi-level collaboration, influence and persuasion and organizational strategy.

Additional services are also available, as needed, to support leadership coaching programs including interview preparation, resume review and employer strategy.

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