Top Entrepreneurial Skills and Capabilities

This blog is authored by members of the Bright Wire expert team. Through this blog, we aim to provide A+ leaders with practical and hands-on resources to take your leadership capabilities even one step higher.

In honour of Calgary’s Small Business Week, we’ve reflected on the journey Bright Wire Leadership has taken as a growing Calgary-based company. We’ve assessed what entrepreneurial skills and capabilities have helped us reach even higher and provided guidance on how leaders can leverage these practices.


Being an entrepreneur is different than working for an organization. While there are certainly cross-over and complimentary skills, being an entrepreneur means having a unique mindset, requiring ongoing tenacity, drive and passion. In any one day, you’ll wear the hat of the CEO, CFO, Marketing Strategist and Master problem-solver. Entrepreneurial leaders deeply understand their business end-to-end and understand their clients and customers. Having an entrepreneurial mindset means being innovative, bold, curious and always taking initiative. Leaders ask yourself: where did I get curious today? What is one thing that I could try a new approach with?

Watch our video below, and watch this space for more leadership moments with Bright Wire.

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